Apartment search continues

I don’t know what’s going on today, but this has probably been the best day I’ve had here, not counting Erik’s visit. I woke up early and did nothing until about two, when I headed out to look at apartments. I saw four of them and they were all visualize-myself-living-there-able. What the heck. And then I come back and see a pretty little grey-and-white kitty, so I say hello, and then the kitty proceeds to follow me around and be the sweetest kitty ever for about ten minutes. I tell you what, wow.

Apartment details:
So I actually had five apartments on my list, but the first one wasn’t in the best neighborhood so I just skipped it. I’m feeling more and more comfortable with driving, by the way, so I hardly felt nervous at all today. Finally!

The second apartment was in Beverly Hills, I kid you not. Very close to Rodeo Drive and all these ridiculous stores: Bulgari, Escada, Saks. The apartment building was decent and the unit also decent though a leetle rundown looking. I could see myself living there, but there’s a sketch factor that makes me wary: no one was there to show me around. I called and they just told me to go there and press a code into the call box, then they buzzed me in and I was left to go into the apt by myself. On the one hand it was very nice to be able to poke around as I pleased, but… ! And they didn’t mention this on the phone, so that after I’d looked at the place–expecting the whole time for the manager to show up and give me the tour–I had to call them and then find out I can only get an application by going to their offices. Eh. That doesn’t speak well of their management.

The third place pleased me very much. It’s very close to UCLA, it’s a good-sized space with tons of storage room, there’s a parking spot, and the manager was very cool. Though it does seem to always be my lot to encounter talkative managers. He was more than willing to answer all my questions and explain all the forms in detail. I left the place thinking I might as well just skip the last two apartments because I’ve found my place.

Then I went to the next apartment, and it was stunning. It’s also very close to UCLA, and is an adorable place with brand new Berber carpet and paint, with city views and a light, airy feel. There’s a rooftop jacuzzi also, and a parking space. The thing about this one is… I’d have an aptmate. That’s how I found this place; she called me after I posted an ad on craigslist. I hadn’t been looking to share, but since I was already planning to go visit Lisa, I figured hey, why not. Anyway, she’s a painter (fine arts major, not some Bohemian middle-aged lady), and that intrigued me. So I met her and her boyfriend today and they were both really nice (and pretty, incidentally). And the place, as I said, is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and in a great location. But I still don’t know if I want to live with someone. I’d have my own room and bathroom, but it is a non-enormous apt and I’ve been so used to having a ton of space to myself. I think the living space in this apt is about the size of my Berkeley studio’s main room, and I’m used to having that all for my own use. I’ve been so spoiled with such a big apartment. I don’t know if I’d be able to tone my habits down for the benefit of someone else… don’t know, really, if I want to. If I do decide yes, though, I’ll be committed to being a good aptmate. So I have to think about this a lot. And then I’m still meeting with Lisa tomorrow. I don’t see how she can be cooler than Kelly seems, or how her place could be nicer, but we shall see. If I’m still considering her place in a couple of days I think I will call Kelly up and ask if she wants to have lunch or something. It occurred to me after I left that I never feel really comfortable when I’m standing up and sweaty, so I should probably sit someplace cool and get to know her better that way. While I was in the apt I didn’t think I really wanted to live there, but as soon as I left and started thinking about it, it just started seeming better and better.

The last place I looked at probably isn’t among my top choices, but it’s really cute. It’s a guest house built in the backyard of a very sweet middle-aged lady with looooong hair. I think she dyes it. It’s a brand-new guest house, actually, and has its own kitchen and bathroom. It’d be like living in a baby house. It’s in Culver City, though, and even though it’s right next to a bus line, after looking at good places in Westwood it’s hard to resign myself to CC again. It’s just too suburban and you have to drive everywhere, and living in someone’s backyard, it’d be even more quiet and suburban feeling. So probably no. Too bad because the lady was really nice.

All these new apartment choices, and my increasing confidence in my own driving, left me feeling great on the way home. Then I got back and saw this totally adorable cat, so I said hi, and she (I think it’s a she) meowed in the prettiest little voice and got up and was sooo happy to see me. I’ve encountered kitties like this before but I think she takes the cake. She not only rubbed all over my legs and head-butted me, but she also stood up on her hind legs and hugged my leg just so she could reach to nuzzle my hand. Craaazy cat affection. I petted her and told her how wonderful she was, and then she followed me back to my doorstep! So I sat down and petted her some more, and since I had my camera, I took pictures.

Kitty kitty kitty
Kitty profile

Such a silly kitty! When I wasn’t petting her she just rolled all over the place very happily.
Kitty rolling

Yes this is where I am living [temporarily]. This is inside the complex, and there are more than sixty acres of this.
Kitty small

Wonderful trees.


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