Today has definitely been better than yesterday. Let it be recorded for my future bad days: hang in there.

I got an email from someone at that museum at which I didn’t get the research position; she needs a part-time researcher (unrelated to that other position). So I may be doing some of that after all.

I also investigated two housing situations. One, a choice of three 1bd-1ba apartments pretty close to where I am now. They’re in a sunny, quiet neighborhood, not a fancy neighborhood by any means but apparently peaceful and family-oriented. The youngish manager reminds me of my piano teacher–right down to the soul patch [link broken] (no, that’s not anyone I know in those photos)–and has lived in Berkeley before, so we had something to talk about. He gave me an application, which I will fax to him either later today or tomorrow. The second place I looked at was gorgeous, fabulous, and, unfortunately but not unsurprisingly, wrong for me in a few respects. The place is the third floor of a Bel Air home, and it’s called The Treehouse because when you look out the window you’re gazing right into the treetops. It has an adorable built-in bed and lots of windows, and a very lovely handmade Argentinian dining table which the owner said he would leave up there. The owner is very nice and talked to me about history books he’s read recently, the five kittens he’s fostering for an animal shelter, and, later, other places I might look for housing. The problems with this place are, first of all, the rent: $1000 and that includes basically nothing except free laundry once a week (no utilities, no parking space, etc). Also, there is no real kitchen. Unlike the kitchenless places I looked at yesterday, this studio pretended to have a kitchen–there was lots of cabinet space and counter space and a sink, and a nice window, but no stove or fridge. And for the clincher–no overnight guests at all, and probably no guests, period. So, no wonderful Treehouse for me. Still, I’ve got that application for the other apartments, and a renewed hope in finding a place.

Also, driving was not as scary today. I often say that it takes me about four days to get used to new situations, and so far that’s holding out here. I have now been here about four days and things seem to be proceeding right on schedule. Yay!

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One response to “Better

  1. good vroom vroom

    I am glad to know that today went better than yesterday. My today did not go as well as yesterday. But I slept more. Hee. And I ate more jello.

    I am glad that you may be working after all. That is a good thing. And yes, the treehouse sounds beautiful but unfortunately not for you. what do you think of the other place? And more luck on finding the perfect place. :]


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