“a nice-to-have, not a have-to-have”

Flight 001 always did have the coolest travel products, but now they’ve come up with something that was obviously designed with me in mind.

The Mobile Foodie, a set of herbs, spices, soy sauce and wasabi packets contained in a tin no bigger than a paperback. Forget airplane travel–I could use this on a regular basis! I think I’ll order it this evening. I suspect it will become a great favorite, not just of mine but also of anyone else who eats with me often. (In particular, I foresee Erik becoming a frequent user of the cayenne pepper.)

In other news, I saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on Saturday and it was great. If you don’t already know, this movie had a new director who changed the feel of things a bit. As many reviewers have noted, this movie, unlike its two predecessors, is actually a worthy film in and of itself, not just as a movie version of the excellent books. I’d go see this one for the beautiful sets and the special effects even if I hadn’t read the books. And if you have, you’ll enjoy the hippogriff, the new characters, and the climactic final scenes. There’s a lot more subtle humor injected into the movie as well, but in general it’s a lot more like an action movie than anything else. Character and plot development are minimal (a lot of details from the book were omitted; only the most basic storyline is left in place), but the whole two-hour-and-twenty-minute piece is a quick and enjoyable ride.

Erik and I also went running yesterday. That was the first time I’ve run in probably three years, and it wasn’t bad at all considering. We ran the lake trail, and Erik estimates we made it about a mile before I had to stop. The running itself was better than it used to be (post-cross-country, obviously), not as painful or as labored, but as before, once I stopped running I felt incredibly nauseous. Nonstop deep breaths saved me this time. Hopefully next time will be better. My chest actually felt great once the nausea left me, nice and open and exercised. I’d also forgotten what a mind game running is. Yoga has helped with that a little bit. I just imagined Martin at Inner Heat making us do horse stance and saying, as he always does (or some variation on this), in his German accent: “Now your mind is complaining. Block it out; your mind does not help you in this exercise.” Dancing also requires a certain amount of brain blocking-out, but it’s different from this. I haven’t had to work around my brain like this in a while. It’ll be good for me to get back into it.

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7 responses to ““a nice-to-have, not a have-to-have”

  1. Chris Dolder from the Dance Department also agrees with your German yoga teacher about mental blocking. As you know his class is perpetually pain-infused. 😉 He always urges to get over the mental block of pain too. Interesting how both of them have the same perspective.

    • I would guess if you frequently voluntarily undergo pain, you’ve found a way of dealing with it. Getting over that mental block is really rewarding though, don’t you think? 🙂

      • I think that if you voluntarily undergo pain then it becomes redefined or “re-sensed” in a sensation that is confrontable. Personally, I come to enjoy the pain because it’s so constant in the dance process.

        • Me too–if not the pain, at least I’m coming to really relish the soreness that comes afterward. I always feel more alive when I’m sore; at least I know my muscles are functioning.

  2. somewhat unrelated but music you gotta look into!

    Hey Lisa!! I saw the Harry Potter movie too, liked it a lot. I remember you said you were listening to Lamb way back when. I “found” [probably meaning it has been here for some time and it is just slowly getting to me now] this great singer named Sia. She did the vocals for Zero 7 – Destiny [the music video is sweet, just following different couples in this weird animated computer thing]. Anyways, check out these songs from Sia: “Breathe me”, “numb”, and “moon”. She has a beautiful sultry voice and it’s got some nice trip hop downtempo in the back 🙂 She’s from australia. Oh and check out Patrik Isaksson and Calogero, they’re music is similar, except one sings in swedish, the other in french. And if you like Radiohead and Sigur Ros, check out Kent, another swedish band, they sing in swedish and redid one of their CDs into english but i think the swedish sounds better. Phew!! okay so that’s it, but thought i’d share 🙂 ooh and your flight link is AWESOME!! I love shops that have crazy cool gadgets. anyways, take care ! -deb

    • Re: somewhat unrelated but music you gotta look into!

      Hi Debbie!

      Thank you for all the music recommendations. I’ll have to check them out… though who knows when that will be. Working full time is such a time suck!

      Flight001 IS cool, no? They have a store in SF, actually, if you ever want to go there and check it out. It’s a couple of blocks away from Davies Symphony Hall, and it’s in a really cute shopping area with lots of other stores (including the requisite boutiques with expensive clothes from designers no one has ever heard of, in styles only the very rich would pay to wear) and restaurants.

      Have a great day. 😀 Thank you for commenting.

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