Inner Heat

I just came from the best yoga class ever. Being in my body should always feel like this.

I discovered the studio, Inner Heat Yoga, on an online listing yesterday and decided to check it out, partly because it’s within walking distance (as opposed to Seventh Heaven, where I went with Jennifer, which is way down on Seventh St.), and partly because they have appealing prices. Their introductory offer, $14 for fourteen days, is an unbelievable deal, even though after those two weeks you have to pay a lot more for most of their classes. But they do have donation-based classes, so I figured for today I would go try out their donation-based basics class to decide whether this is a good studio for me. Obviously it was fantastic, so when I know I’m going to be in Berkeley for two weeks straight I will put down the $14 to go every day. After that, I think I’m either going to have to stick with mostly donation-based classes, or else get a job just to pay for yoga! We’ll see about this class next week, though–this time, the normal instructor couldn’t make it, so instead we got the founder and owner, Martin, who is from Germany and has the accent to prove it. Also, only five people were there, excluding Martin and including me, so it felt very individualized. So it’s possible next session won’t be as good, but I’ll go anyway.

Jennifer, I miss you!

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10 responses to “Inner Heat

  1. Cool, you’re at the yoga place in the same building as my MCAT class :D.

    That’s awesome that you’re taking care of you’re body like this. I hope you have fun!

  2. take me with you!

    lisa, i miss you too! i know we talked about this on AIM already, but i just thought i’d reiterate how jealous i am about the yoga classes!! that sounds amazing…maybe even amazing enough for 7am immersion classes? =) when i get back to berkeley, i am checking this place out, and i’m taking you with me. =)


    • Re: take me with you!

      I’m getting more and more interested in the immersions… we are definitely doing one if I don’t get into dance. 🙂

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