Point proved.

Okay, I definitely need to order the Mobile Foodie (described in yesterday’s entry) ASAP. I could have really used it at lunch today! For Sheila’s second-to-last day at work (tomorrow is the board meeting so that doesn’t count), we went to Armadillo Willy’s. Sheila loves it, but obviously there isn’t much there for a quasi-vegetarian like me, so I ended up with a “Baja Caesar salad” and a grilled cheese sandwich from the kids’ menu. The Caesar was more boring than others I’ve had, despite the mysterious “Baja” in its title (honestly, I have no idea why it’s there), and the sandwich was so bland to my tastes that I ended up dipping each bite in ketchup. Probably not the best course of action for the owchie in my mouth, but oh well. I just kept thinking of how much better that sandwich would have been, had I actually had the Mobile Foodie in my possession. So. It is time to order it.

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