Mardi Gras!

Happy Fat Tuesday! Charlotte gave everyone beads at work. Also there were two king cakes, and cookies, and fruit, but I had to go to dance so I didn’t get a chance to try any. 😦

Results [link broken] of a quiz on what kind of music I like. Thank you Daniel for the link.

Okay I’m giving myself up to these tests while I digest my mango Jamba Juice!

Here [broken] are my results for another quiz on the same site, one on my morality.

Another [broken], on whether I blurt things out or brood over them. It’s funny because it ranked Erik very low on the blurting scale, which is true, but Erik is the only person I’ve ever met who manages to be both quiet and assertive. In some situations he’s even more assertive than I am, though I am usually louder by a few decibels. ;b

currently: having a bagel craving, but going to do work since this is my first afternoon off since school started! I changed my work hours so I work several mornings (8am) but boy does it feel good to have time off.

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