For some reason, though I’m a bit sleepy and spacey today, I also have tons of energy. I’m feeling really cheerful and all afternoon I’ve had the urge to run and shout.

What am I, a kid? 🙂

This is why I love the history department. Look at the letter they’ve drafted explaining Commencement to us. A sample:

A reception for graduates and their guests will immediately follow the ceremony. Refreshments will be served, along with a processed derivative of the grape. The ceremony itself should end at around 12 p.m.; the precise moment of your departure will be determined by the rate at which you drink.

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]


7 responses to “odd

  1. i am so confused!

    today in my american autobiographies lecture, we discussed our last reading, which was the book “the things they carried”. so the first half of our 3 hour lecture was spent as a history lesson about the vietnam war. then the second half we talked about the book. and about how the book is filled with “story-truths” which are not the same as “happening- truths”. have you read the book? you must have. it is good. i liked it. but i am confused. the last thing our teacher told us as a sidenote before everybody left was… “there was no kathleen. there were no children”. … after having mentioned his “daughter” kathleen several times in the book. confoozling!!

    that’s my complain about “history”. what really happened?!! is kathleen just a single manifestation of a group of people he talked to? o.O boo!!

    but i like your history department’s wording of things. 😀


    • Re: i am so confused!

      I think it’s mostly the work of Victor Rotenberg, the undergraduate advisor. He has the funniest way of putting things, and you can see his wry sense of humor in his writing.

      I have read the book but since I read it in Mr Chamberlin’s class junior year I don’t remember it! Sorry it’s confoozling 😐

  2. hehe history dept letter

    hahaha that’s a funny letter. for cs, i bet it’s how fast one of us graduating seniors apply dijkstras to find the shortest path to the exit doors. 🙂 -ed

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