A thought

Do beautiful people know that they are beautiful people? I mean the people everyone admires as they walk into the room. Do they know everyone’s thinking how beautiful/confident they are, or are they, like the rest of us, thinking, “Everyone’s staring at me–is my shirt crooked? Do I look fat? Am I walking funny?”

Any insights? Shra? ;b

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]


8 responses to “A thought

  1. I think that it’s actually more endearing when beautiful people are really conscious of their beauty, because this beauty is genuinely effortless and natural. In that sense, it’s a beauty that appears fresh scrubbed.

  2. hmmm

    Well that depends on what your makes up a “beautiful” person. i think part of the beauty of some people is that they don’t know. they’re so completely natural and comfortable with who they are that it isn’t an issue. i mean, if one looks in the mirror every morning and says “i am a beautiful person!” and really believes it… don’t you think then that they’d just seem rather egotistical? it takes more to being a beautiful person than just being beautiful outwards, as i’m sure you mean. so the people ought to be more involved with more than how they look in order to be beautiful. so the beautiful person walks into the room and everybody stares and admires and the beautiful person doesn’t notice because there is something more than themselves that they are occupied with. perhaps?


    • Re: hmmm

      Well, I was directly addressing you because you are one of those stunning people. 🙂 So I guess yiss, you don’t realize, so that contributes to your beauty. But I think there are lots of people who love themselves enough to look into the mirror every morning and think, eee I’m pretty! But even if they think they are pretty, do they realize they’re one of those beautiful people?

  3. hi lisa! my mom didn’t tell me that you had said hi =) i wish i had gotten to see you this thanksgiving – i didn’t see alot of people that i had wanted to – it went by fast….

    i think you have to clarify your definition of beautiful because like some people who are beautiful carry their beautifulness because they KNOW they’re beautiful and that comes out in the way they carry themselves. and there’s the other beautiful that’s what shra’s talking about =) so it works on both ends of the spectrum ithink.

    have a great last few weeks of the semester, i hope it’s okay and not too too stressful 😀

    • I guess I didn’t mean one particular kind of beautiful, just those people who make those around them say “wow” when they see them. And in that sense, I think my question has been answered–everyone seems to think that yes, it’s possible for the “wow” people to be unaware of how “wow” they are. 🙂

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