I feel like a barrel, stout and round

It has been a tiring day, full of minor but annoying unexpected events. I meant to wake up at eight thirty so I could cook and pack myself a lunch, but after multiple pressings-of-snooze-button, I realized it was nine twenty and I only had twenty minutes until I had to be in the dance studio, ready to go. While I was dressing (actually, while I was completely clothesless), the apartment maintenance person (I don’t know his actual title, he’s just Norman, but he’s nice and responds right away to problems and is capable of fixing everything) knocked on my door. I had to yell at him that he couldn’t come in, so we had a loud conversation through the door. He left the replacement shelf for my fridge (I’d broken the shelf a while back) outside my door. I didn’t get to brush my teeth because we were talking and I had to test the shelf to see if it fit, but it does fit and now I have a shelf again.

When I got to dance class, Carol was already there, which would under normal circumstances mean I was late, but she hadn’t called roll yet because she had to tell us that we’d all been exposed to viral meningitis since someone else who uses the studio has it. Perhaps because my morning had already started off in confusion, I wasn’t able to focus at all during dance. And Carol picked me to be in the leading quartet while we were dancing across the room (someone different gets picked every day, often on the basis of leotard color–it’s not a merit award, though it’s fun to lead), but even then I felt really out of it.

Chinese was okay, and then I went to work, where someone put the periodicals forms (which I haven’t been taught how to deal with) into the file for the book forms (which I do know what to do with). I don’t know if I would have noticed this if I weren’t out of it, but in the state I was in, I completely didn’t notice until I’d placed the orders for the whole stack of periodicals without filling out the volume, date, or page number information. Then I had to find someone to help me fix those. I did get a crash course in periodicals ordering, though, so now I can do that in a pinch.

While I was at work, Xanthe called and told me she wasn’t going to tutoring tonight. Since I get a ride from her, that meant I wouldn’t be going either. Truthfully I hadn’t felt like going today, so I was glad, but due to the change of plans I had to make some phone calls to get things cleared up.

But, as usual, a good hot meal makes an off-day all better. I felt like enchiladas, so I tried out Mario’s La Fiesta, which I pass by all the time but which I’d never entered before. I liked it. For $6.70 I got tortilla chips, a bowl of rice and vegetable soup, and a huge plate with a cheese enchilada, a chile relleno, rice, beans and cheese, and some greens. It was just what I needed, a hot, tasty, comforting meal, and I left feeling happy and stuffed.

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