Every time I read one of these I have to fill it out too. I got this one from Shra, and I actually learned a lot about her from reading it. Like what color roses she likes. Same as me! I had no idea…

Anyway here goes. Don’t read if you don’t like these. I’m leaving out some vital stats because I don’t know who reads this.

Nicknames: None that are known to more than a few people at a time. Shra calls me Sali. Jackie and I call each other combinations of possessives, food and adjectives, like “my little squishy lemon poppyseed cupcake.” If we were going out, that would be disgusting, but because we are best friends I think it’s cute. ;b

Asian name: Hsia Lei, or Xia Lei depending whether you use Wade-Giles or Pinyin ;b

Birthdate: It was a Saturday morning in December, and there was a rainbow.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Chinese Zodiac: Rooster, but I prefer to think of it as chicken

Hometown: San Jose. California, not Costa Rica.

School: Berkeley (go bears!)

Siblings: two seeesters, and then there’s Jackie πŸ˜‰

Shoe Size: I used to think it was nine, then a salesperson at Kenneth Cole told me it was eight and a half. I did not buy shoes from her, but I’ve retained the knowledge about my size.

Height: somewhere around 5’5″–an iota taller than Shra, and a slightly bigger iota taller than Al

Weight: can there be girls filling this out? it’s just the principle of the thing!

Eye color: brown

Hair Color: natural

Piercings: a very conservative one in each ear, and not even everyone knows that

Tattoos: no, thank you

Hobbies: reading, drawing, listening to music and playing piano before my tendinitis set in, Pilates and yoga, cooking and baking, eating I suppose…

Aol Sn: I heartily dislike AOL, but I do have AIM. If you don’t already have my sn you will have to ask me.

Color: in general, or to wear? I like all colors but green is most soothing and purple is generally the prettiest. I wasn’t about to get a green yoga mat. I used to wear a lot of black but now I think I should wear more colors. I’m trying to get more pinks and purples into my wardrobe.

Fruit: White peaches are always my favorite when they’re in season. But I like all fruit except watermelon.

Food: this changes every day. But some old standbys, and this may be the longest list you’ve ever seen: onions, garlic, ginger (flavor, not big raw chunks of it), spinach, fruit, noodles, fried rice, dim sum (especially chive dumplings and shrimp chong fun), good bread but not sourdough, cheese (especially Brie, Morbier, and, I admit freely, Kraft singles), butter, Mommy’s pesto, mayonnaise, dark fruity chocolate, cookies, pastry, eggs, dense and richly iced cakes, pizza topped with bell peppers and zucchini and purple onions, La Note’s tomato soup, soy sauce, sesame seeds, California roll, really good tempura, endive, rice noodles… maybe I should stop now. One more thing: do not ever feed or attempt to feed me tofu.

Drink (non alcoholic): water

Drink (Alcoholic): I haven’t found a favorite yet. I like drinks with pretty colors.

Movie: my all time favorite is Mary Poppins, but I should name some not very well known ones to encourage you to watch them. Tampopo is a great Japanese comedy about food, noodles in particular. Jump Tomorrow is a love story with very quirky humor. Hilary and Jackie is incredibly sad and has beautiful music.

Tv Show: I don’t have a TV.

Artists: Right now I’m intrigued by the painter Helen Frankenthaler, impressed with the writing of Italo Calvino, and swayed by the beautiful voice of Caetano Veloso. To represent dance I should say Mark Morris or Bill T Jones.

Songs: Crazy category. There can never be a favorite, even less than there can be a favorite with food.

Actor/Actress: Audrey Hepburn?

Car: I walk and take public transportation.

Day of the Week: Depends on the week, of course! But there have been multiple times of my life when Thursdays meant a lot.

Subject at school: history. What a question.

Book: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, probably, and about a thousand and one “kid books”. You should also check out my book recommendations page [link broken]

Magazine: I like Saveur, Gastronomica, Real Simple, and Glamour, though none of those is perfect

Cigarettes: as Shra says, “they are bad for you.” Though I have recently come to realize that if I cannot control how much and how often I eat, I have no right to criticize people who cannot quit smoking.

Drug: To each his own. At the moment I am on ibuprofen. ;b

Flowers: I dislike red roses, but almost anything else goes. As for wildflowers, California golden poppies make me smile almost every time I see them.

Places to go: I don’t go outside nearly enough.

Places to shop: Williams-Sonoma and other chefs’ stores always make me drool. As do stationery and art stores.

Places to eat: I’m still working on my restaurant recommendations page. [link broken]

Cologne/Perfume: I rarely use it anymore, though I must admit I like the femininity of J. Lo’s Glow.

Which One..
Pepsi or Coke: \
—-> As a rule, I do not drink carbonated beverages.
Coke or Sprite: /

Orange Juice or Apple Juice: both, please. 100% juice only.

Black or White: for what? Othello playing pieces? race? hair color? ;b

Blue or Red: blue… this one’s easy (GO BEARS!)

English or Math: I don’t like English anymore, but I can’t say math either. Give me English. At least they speak my language.

Cold or Hot: as a state of being, I prefer to be cool.

Shy or Outgoing: as my preschool teacher told my mommy, “Let’s call her ‘reserved’.” But I have fewer inhibitions than most people, when it comes to certain things.

Tall or Short: average

Skinny or Fat: round, and that doesn’t have to mean fat.

Nationality: Chinese American

Languages you can speak: English and enough of each of these to survive if plunked down in countries that speak them (given no crazy dialects): French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese

Best feature about yourself: I try to be kind.

Worst feature: Sometimes I think about things too much.

Do you resemble anything: Erik says a white peach. Sometimes I look like a happy cat, too.

What do you want most right now: pick one: breakfast – healthy wrists – an end to world hunger – social equality

Do you want to get married: yes, but I do not want a wedding.

Around what age: I’m sure you’ll find out within the next decade.

How many kids: two is the minimum, since they need playmates. It might be fun to have two first and then wait until later and have two more. I like the idea of a house full of generations of rowdy people.

Do you believe in God/Jesus/Holy Spirit: Not in a strict Biblical sense.

Last time you went to church: the last time I was in a church was Valentine’s Day two years ago.

Do you pray: Every day, and every time an ambulance, police car, or fire truck go by.

Phrases or words you say a lot: You can probably tell me that better than I can tell you.

What are you wearing right now: not much. I just woke up.

How do you dress: Comfortably, but hopefully still with a sense of style. I try not to dress like everyone else.

Anything in your room that stands out: Ideally, the room itself is the first thing you notice, then the wall decorations, and then all the little random things around the room. My pen collection. The cat clock on my kitchen wall that is a gift from Shra, that is like the one in that milk commercial; its tail goes side to side as it ticks and its eyes look from one side to the other. My card-ticket collage on the wall next to my desk.

PetPeeves: I have many, but oddly the only one I can think of is when people melt fresh mozzarella into pasta sauce. That stuff needs to be eaten as is.

When is the last time you…
Went online: I am online every day.

Went to school: sometime in May I think

Went to the mall: I don’t remember

Ran around naked: like being online, running around naked is a constant state with me, at least in my apartment.

Took a shower: yesterday afternoon.

Took a nap: yesterday afternoon. I think it was after the shower.

Burped: I have no idea.

Farted: Probably this morning.

Brushed my hair: Erik brushed it for me two days ago. I rarely brush it myself.

Brushed my teeth: last night, and I flossed too.

Took a pee: this morning, of course!

Sang a song: I know I sang to Erik on Saturday. George Harrison’s “I’ve Got My Mind Set on You”

Ate: last night I had noodles, a piece of cheese, and some ginger candy before going to bed πŸ˜€

Drank: water, last night, with my midnight snack

Called Someone: I called Erik last night because I dropped my phone when we were talking and had to call him back.

Talked on the phone: Didn’t I just tell you this?

Watched Tv: Last time I was home. Daddo and I watched some documentary on the musical traditions of different countries. It was really interesting.

Saw a Movie: for once, I can answer this. I watched Bend It Like Beckham on Saturday with Hung-Tzu and Erik.

Who is the last person you…
Talked to in life: Shra. Does online count?

Talked to on the phone: Erik.

Hugged: Erik.

Kissed: Erik. I think there is a pattern here. He came to visit this weekend! Yeesh.

Gave your number to: probably some online form.

Laughed with: Erik.

Had a serious talk with: Erik.

Yelled at: Umm. I don’t remember.

Said Happy Birthday To: Andy, 16 July.

Cried for: I’m not going to say, because it’s embarrassing.

Stepped on: there is a rug under my chair. I am stepping on it.

Hi: I have never hied anyone. ;b

Rejected: Someone called on Friday I think, asking me to help him with a survey for teens between the ages of 12 and 17. I said no, and he sounded very surprised and wanted to know why. I said, “Because I’m too old!” I can’t believe he didn’t think of that.

Got rejected by: Friendster snubbed me last night. ;b

Chewed gum: I try not to.

Played Spin the Bottle: I never have. Do people still play this? I think we should play next time we have a get together, just so we can all say we’ve played.

Played Truth or Dare: We should play this too. Maybe after Spin the Bottle; the questions will be more interesting that way. ;b

Hey that’s it! Thank you for reading. πŸ˜€

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