fun weekend!

Weekends are always nice because Erik visits, but this Saturday we ventured outside our usual territory. Much as I love walking and public transportation, I must admit to the pleasure of having a car and being able to roam.

First, because of the horrendous state of my pantry (NO MORE NOODLES!), we went to Pacific East Mall to get groceries at Ranch 99. Then we realized we should have lunch before doing our shopping, so we decided to try out Daimo Chinese Restaurant, which received good reviews in Gourmet. Daimo is intimidating because their menu has something like eight hundred options, some of which can be very unusual or very expensive or both. But it’s hard not to find something to suit you on such an extensive menu, and we managed to lunch for $10.50 (for the two of us, excluding tip). Erik had congee (rice porridge) with the vague designation of “Assorted meats and seafood congee,” and I had a noodle dish that was just what I was looking for: thin egg noodles with Chinese broccoli and oyster sauce on top, with a small bowl of broth on the side to mix into the noodles. Mmmm. We both really liked the place and will definitely be going back. I would encourage everyone else to, too. 🙂

In the evening, we had a dinner date with Hung-Tzu, but since we’d all had late lunches we couldn’t decide what to eat. But we did conclude that we wanted to see Bend It Like Beckham, so we met a little while before the showtime and strolled down Shattuck to forage for food. Our walk yielded good forage: somehow, at eight on a Saturday evening, La Note was only half empty, so we went in. Hung-Tzu had never been there before and thoroughly enjoyed a grilled chicken and spinach salad. Erik had their chopped-steak sandwich (with bleu cheese mixed into the steak! fascinating), and I had a wonderful and enormous salad made of romaine lettuce, endive, bleu cheese, walnuts and cranberries. I also had their iced tea, which according to the menu contains rosebuds and fruits and which tasted more like yummy perfume than anything else. And I also had a cup of the best soup I’ve had in forever: a velvety, creamy, roasted tomato with a slice of baguette and some cheese broiled on top. And shameless amounts of bread and butter. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been eating relatively healthily for a week, or maybe that I had a bit of an upset stomach before we went and so I was only too happy to be able to eat again. At any rate, I’ve been thinking of the tomato soup, and Daimo’s noodle dish, since then…

I really liked Bend It Like Beckham. It was wonderful seeing so much soccer, and I loved all the energy of the girls on the team. Sure, it’s a little cheesy sometimes, a little redundant, and nothing really unexpected ever happens, but I’m willing to forgive a lot in a movie with strong female characters, yummy-looking food, and joyful get-togethers with friends and family. Kind of like My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It’s a little odd, isn’t it, that I’ve enjoyed these two movies about elaborate weddings when I’ve decided never to have one myself? But I guess not wanting one doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the ones I go to, so it’s okay. And maybe I’d want a wedding, too, if everyone participated in preparing the food (not just the women, though), and if I could be sure of getting more than one generation of guests to dance…

After our exciting day yesterday, today Erik and I just sat around in the apartment and enjoyed each other’s company. I love the way we talk to one another… it’s what I miss most when he’s not here; that and the simple fact of his presence. This is companionship, in the purest and most perfect sense of the word.

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