A good day

Some people are growing corn in the lot behind my building. I love looking out at it every day. Now it’s getting that little tufty stuff at the top, and is starting to really look like corn.

My day started not so well, for reasons I won’t get in to here. Then I ran some errands, and on my way back home decided on a whim to stop into the Friends of the [University] Library Bookstore. I almost bought Snow Falling on Cedars, The Color Purple, and three Agatha Christie books, but in the end I decided all I really needed was one good book, so I just paid $1.50 and went home with Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Good choice. I’m up to chapter seven and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Then yoga. On my way back from Inner Heat the last time I went, I ran into Melissa and told her about it, so this time we went together. By amazing coincidence, the regular instructor also could not make it this time so we got the same incredible instructor I had last time, Martin. Apparently the substitution was so last-minute, Martin hadn’t had time to change his clothes, so he was in jeans. He kept joking about hoping they wouldn’t rip. (They didn’t.) And this time there were only four of us, including Melissa and me, so while we were being serious about our yoga, there was also a very casual atmosphere and some laughing. Like last time, the class was great because it was relaxing and the instructor kind, but he also pushed us to our limits and there were points when my legs just wanted to cave. We got to do some things I hadn’t done before, too. At the beginning, Martin chanted “om” three times and invited us to chant along if we felt like it. This was not just sitting around saying “om.” His “om” was more like “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM”–a huge, lengthy, resonant sound, like a gong. I was in awe. Toward the end of class, he had us do back bends supported by big cushions, and since he himself uses two cushions when doing this, he started us out with two. You must understand these are big, firm cushions. When I tried to lie down on them the first time, I fell off. Martin watched us all and said, “You know, I realize I have a longer body than most people, but looking at all of you… I think you can all get rid of that second cushion.” It was a funny situation and we were all laughing. When we were settled, though, it was a good position and very relaxing. I definitely need to take more classes with Martin. He’s now teaching a basics class, but it’s marked “vigorous” so I don’t know if I can handle it…

After class I hurried back to take a shower, then had dinner at Tuk Tuk with Huy. We had a nice talk, about music and art and grad school and such things, then he walked me home and here I am. I’m well fed and nicely stretched out, and I have a good book. A good finish to a day that started out not so well.

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