Just got back from our last SF Symphony concert of the season. It was probably the least interesting concert we’ve been to all year, but oh well. We have discovered we do not like Bruckner. I didn’t mind his music (‘Romantic’ symphony, I think it was no.4) but he was sooo long-winded! It took him like an hour to develop what he could have summed up in about fifteen minutes. Bleh. That’s one of the first things we should all learn in writing, whether we write in prose, poetry or notes… Precision! Economy! Bah. The symphony also played selections from Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream score, which was fun because it included his famous Wedding March. You know, that one piece that gets played every time a bride walks down the aisle… I imagine this was the first and last time I will ever hear it live with such a big orchestra. Fun.

After the concert there was a special reception for student subscribers, so we went to that. Eh. It was okay. We got to meet the assistant concertmaster, who was very nice, and we ran into some Berkeley people, so that was interesting. They had subscribed to two concert series, but they weren’t very articulate on what they liked and disliked about the music. I don’t mind; as long as people enjoy classical music, that’s fine with me. I just can’t imagine being willing to pay two series’ worth of money for something you just kind of like (as opposed to being really fanatical). Maybe they’re just rich. Who knows.

Just to keep up with my tradition of talking about food, I must mention that the free desserts provided at the reception were not very exciting. As with the Bruckner, I would have enjoyed the food much more if they had provided far less quantity and much more quality. On the other hand, they urged us to fill our pockets and bags with cookies and brownies, so what can I say? If you’re going to give me huge quantities of free food, cookies are the best way to go… (trust me, I have tried cheese, and it does not work).

In other notes (ha ha)… huge congratulations to Erik, who achieved two major milestones today! First, he got a job for the summer and next year, and it sounds very promising and wonderful and exciting. Darling, I am so proud of you. And second… Erik got glasses! Hehehehe. ‘Nuff said.

Now what should I do this summer?

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