Enchilada adventure

I went to Berkeley Bowl today to get groceries for the rest of the week, and to pick up ancho chiles and green bell peppers to make enchiladas for dinner (I was having a huge craving for Mexican food). The checkout person at Berkeley Bowl, Jaemi, is very funny. I’ve gone through her line before and she was nice and funny last time too. This time she started randomly telling me about the duck she got for Easter one year. Its name was Tyler and it grew from an ugly grey fuzzball into a snow-white duckie with yellow bill, ‘just like in the storybooks.’ According to Jaemi, Tyler was such ‘a punk-ass’ that he thought he could do cat/dog type things. He picked a fight with one of their cats and died. 😐 Anyway Jaemi was a nice contrast to the checkout people who work at the PW near my family’s house. There’s this one lady there who is, oh, an old forty, and she always wears super-black eyeliner and mascara, and I always want to tell her to try brown instead because it looks more natural. I just can’t think of a way to do it tactfully.

Back to the enchiladas. In a moment of complete absentmindedness I actually forgot to get tortillas, and so I wound up just inventing a dish instead. I made ‘Mexican rice’ (how Mexican is anyone’s guess) using basmati rice, green bell peppers, onions, garlic, spices, the tomato left over from our crepe party Saturday, etc. Then I made a sauce with vegetable broth, one ancho chile (because I have incredibly low spice tolerance and I didn’t know how spicy they were–I think next time I’ll use one and a half or two), more onions and garlic and spices. I put the rice in a baking dish, layered sliced green bell peppers and thick pieces of zucchini on top, poured on some sauce, and added a half pound of grated Cheddar. It baked up nicely and tasted sooooo good. Erik liked it too. I’m totally pleased. And it’s so filling I have enough to last me for a few more days–which is saying a lot if you’ve ever seen how much Erik can eat!

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