Uninspiring encounters

My shoulders are sore from yoga yesterday.

I thought I was being such a good girl by going to one of Moffitt Library’s ‘Know Your Library’ workshops, but as it turns out I could probably have just spent the two hours researching instead. It wasn’t that the workshop was so badly taught, or even that it was useless; no, the problem was more fundamental. The purpose of the workshop was to teach us how to use a program called EndNote, which helps us compile, format and keep track of bibliographical citations. Potentially very useful, right? I don’t know why they didn’t bother to state in their workshop description that you can only get EndNote if you shell out about $105 for the software (and that’s with the student discount). And even in the workshop itself, they didn’t think it was necessary to make us aware of that fact until it was mostly over. I suppose if I were a really good researcher I would have looked this up beforehand, but it’s too late now. So while I did learn quite a lot about EndNote, and it does seem useful (fortunately, not can’t-live-without-it useful), if I can’t access it from my home computer, I don’t think there was any point to my attending the workshop. Poo. Oh well. I have Earl Grey tea and my own excellent peanut butter cookies which I made the other day, and I am still yoga-mellowed, so I’m not too upset, just mildly puzzled about why it’s so hard to stick something like this: ‘Note: Although all Know Your Library Workshops are free of charge, EndNote is not a free application. EndNote may be purchased from ____ for $___ for students and $____ for the general public.’ into a workshop description.

Now I have to decide whether I want to go back out to campus this evening, probably while it’s raining, to attend the first general meeting of the semester of Phi Alpha Theta, the history honors society. I went about a year ago and the meeting was disorganized and uninspiring–not a good way to convince me to pay $40 for dues. But, as a grad student friend once pointed out to me, grad schools don’t know that Berkeley’s PhAT chapter is disorganized and uninspiring, and it looks good on my resume. I don’t like doing things just to make me look better on paper (First, I like to hope that my writing speaks for itself; and second, I already did the resume-boosting thing in high school, and it was not worth it), but I figure that if I’m a history major, applying to grad schools, and I do rank myself among the better history students at this school, if confronted with the question ‘Why didn’t you join?’ I have no good excuse. I think I’ll go, unless it’s pouring. Maybe it’ll be better organized this year. There’s a female in charge? ;b Plus there’s free pizza. This may or may not be a good thing. On the one hand, it’s free food; on the other, I have no interest in pizza right now but I know if I go and it’s there, I’ll eat it. Hmm.

Mmm Earl Grey…

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