Yoooooooooo gaaaaaaaaa

Ooh, I feel good. I just came from my second yoga session at 7th Heaven and was that a good workout! Last time was just relaxing and nice, this time was relaxing and nice and painful and difficult. But I learned how to do a sun salutation (Mommy: how high are you trying to lift yourself up when you do cobra pose? Maybe you’re trying to do more than you need to.), so now I can do it whenever I need to. It’s nice. Now I have a good little foundation of things to do to keep my body feeling limber and comfortable all the time. It’s been feeling that way for a week now, since my last session, and it’s a truly wonderful and energizing feeling. Just feeling good in the morning when I wake up–as opposed to kind of tight around the shoulders–is the most amazing thing. So I’ve been doing a little yoga, really a little tiny tiny bit, every day and it’s really been helping that feeling linger. Plus I’m more relaxed and centered (physically) during the week as well.

Now I’m sleepy, though, and I have all this Chinese homework to do! Bleh!

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