Former-roomie date

I had a fun afternoon yesterday; I got to hang out with Asal for the first time in about two years! Asal and I were roommates spring semester of freshman year in Clark Kerr. We made a plan then to watch the movie Hilary and Jackie together, because I had seen it and loved it, and she hadn’t but loved the soundtrack which I played for her. But because Asal was then and continues to be insanely busy, our schedules never meshed until now. Ridiculous, but true. So I hiked up to AOPi house (which was much more tiring than I remember, leading me to think I must have been a real pig to gain weight at all while living in Clark Kerr). The house is really nice and the atmosphere was fun and laid back, so I think I would have enjoyed being in a sorority after all, had I chosen to rush (I almost did, sophomore year). On the other hand, I am very satisfied with the choices I have made and I like my life now. It’s doubly satisfying to know that while I chose the alternative that suits me better now, both options were good, and if I had chosen the other I would still be happy (though a different person probably).

Anyway, we sat in the newly revamped TV room (it was on the TV show Trading Spaces, though they’ve changed it a little since then) and watched. I still love Hilary and Jackie and discovered all kinds of new things I hadn’t seen before (though I’ve already seen it several times), and once again I cried at the end, quite a lot. It amazes me that that still happens, but oh well. Asal liked it too and thanked me for introducing her to it, so yay!

Hopefully we’ll be able to see each other more often this semester. Spending the afternoon with her reminded me of how much I like and miss her.

Oh yes and she did something very brave and admirable over winter break. She went to Brazil with a group of people from around the world to give medical care to the residents of a favela in Salvador. Favelas are shantytowns, and they’re all over Brazil, especially in big cities. Salvador is the biggest city of the region called Bahia, which is commonly known as ‘black Brazil’ because the most black Brazilians are concentrated there, which makes for a sad cycle of poverty and prejudice. Asal told me about her experience in Salvador and showed me all her pictures. I wish I were brave enough to go to Brazil, but I’m too scared of the poverty and the danger (have you seen the movie City of God? It’s about adolescent gangsters in Brazil. All the favelas have these really shocking narratives, and there are several really moving films about them. Brazil is a very highly stratified society, more so than the US.). Which is why I’m not minoring in Portuguese, incidentally–I wouldn’t feel I’d done it properly unless I went to Brazil, and I’m too nervous. It’s not even that the whole country is like this, but I’ve heard enough stories…

Okay time to get ready for Chinese class. ๐Ÿ™‚

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