Savory, sweet, and Stravinsky

I bought some Morbier today at Andronico’s. I like it a lot; it’s very creamy and mild and has an appealingly sweet flavor (sweet as opposed to sour, not sweet like, say, cherry pie). But it smells SO foul, at least when you first unwrap the wedge. I sniffed it and was immediately dismayed at this awful-smelling thing I’d bought. I thought I had just completely wasted $5.59. Thank goodness it doesn’t taste like it smells. 🙂

I also bought a baguette, and bittersweet Belgian baking chocolate… mmm…

In other notes, Erik and I had our first real piano lesson today, and it went well. Michael (Orland, our teacher) gets really happy sometimes about certain pieces, and he was apparently quite happy at the one we had chosen (Stravinsky’s Concerto for two pianos), so it was fun to watch him chuckle about it.

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