First yoga class

I just got back about an hour ago from my first yoga class with Jennifer, at 7th Heaven yoga studio. We decided we wanted to learn yoga, for both its mental and its physical benefits, so we signed up for the studio’s introduction to yoga workshop, a month-long series consisting of four hour-and-a-half sessions. I liked the idea of taking the intro workshop, and going with a friend with whom I am comfortable (and who is also not very well versed in yoga), so I wouldn’t feel like the only inexperienced one, and so I wouldn’t be able to back out at the last minute. 🙂 Which I’m always tempted to do with these things.

The reception people at 7th Heaven, while not rude or anything, are not the warmest or most reassuring people, so I was a little put off by that, but the instructor, Leigha, is definitely both warm and reassuring, and has an incredibly soothing voice. Our session this evening was very relaxing and warming, and I emerged feeling wholly balanced and at peace. It’s a good feeling and one I don’t get very often, because it’s so rare that I have that much time alone in my apartment to really let go of whatever’s on my mind. This is not to say that I’m overburdened by worries, because really it would be absurd to say I am, but there’s always something on my mind! So the yoga is nice for that. It clears my mind and also physically relaxes me. After the intro series is over, I hope to continue taking more yoga classes (and if I can afford it!).

And now I came home and had a slice of yesterday’s chocolate cake (but with no raspberry topping) and two oranges, a navel orange and a blood orange. A nice finish to yoga. Though I doubt any yogi would agree. 🙂

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