Happy holidays, dear ones!

I’ve made four one-size-fits-most digital desktop 2013 calendars for you, using photos from our travels. Feel free to download any or all of them! Once you’ve downloaded, open the compressed file and read the About document for more information. The calendars start with this week, so you can use them right away — no need to wait till New Year’s!

Please respect my work, and the time it took me to make these calendars, by not sharing the individual photos (which do not have my name or website on them). If you’d like to distribute the calendars to friends, kindly direct them to this download page.

Click on the images to download.

Calendar 1: Scenes from our travels

August from the Travel Scenes calendar

Includes striking landscapes from Scotland, Iceland, Istanbul, Paris, and Boston.

Calendar 2: Food

October from the Food calendar

Includes tasty treats from Montréal, Scotland, Reykjavík, Istanbul, and Paris.

Calendar 3: Botanical

July from the Botanical calendar

Includes natural wonders from Toronto, Scotland, Iceland, and Paris.

Calendar 4: Cats of the world

March, from the Cats calendar

Includes pretty kitties from Canada, Reykjavík, Istanbul, and Paris.

Somewhat technical info (from your not particularly technical author):

  • Each calendar is about 15MB.
  • Each calendar downloads as a compressed (zipped) file, which includes two versions: regular and widescreen. The regular images are mostly 2048 x 1586, though some are smaller. The widescreen images are mostly 2048 x 1281, though again, some are smaller. Apologies to those of you with higher-resolution displays.
  • These are totally manual “calendars,” which means they’re just curated collections of photos. You’ll have to change them yourself, every month. On the plus side, this means you can mix and match — have a kitty wallpaper this month, a cake one the next!
  • The calendar text is placed wherever it makes most sense aesthetically (as you can see from the above photos), so you may have to move icons around if you want the numbers to be visible every month.