Pandemic journal: Day 31

Monday, April 13, 7:52 AM

Day 31 of voluntary social distancing, Day 28 of county shelter-in-place, Day 25 of statewide shelter-in-place

Tomorrow marks the start of month 2. It’s boggling. I’ve been thinking over my weekly theme. I feel it should address my being on devices for so much of the day — neglecting to do the tiny, achievable tasks that might make my day pleasanter or my space more welcoming — but can’t decide whether that’s shamey, inappropriate. Brainstorming… 

Theme of the week: You are here 

Yesterday was Easter, which I don’t care much about, but we usually go to the parents’ house or S’s and someone sets up an egg hunt for the kids. I don’t think Owl remembers or cares about that and I wouldn’t have said I did either, but my family’s traditions made themselves felt. We had the luscious ham from the day before, and I decided to make sweet lemon and almond rolls, cinnamon roll-style; they’re syrupy and insubstantial so it’s easy to eat 3 of them at a go. I’m definitely going to have some for breakfast. 

Sprinkling almond paste onto dough
A young Asian child uses a bench scraper to cut a roll of dough
Glazed lemon-almond rolls

Mommy sent Owl a fancy Easter basket. Of course we put it into “decontamination” — though not for long enough if you believe what they say about the virus’s longevity on plastic. It was all chocolate: peanut butter-filled chocolate bunnies, a large dark chocolate bunny and a smaller milk one (all a bit melted), a bar of chocolate studded with jelly beans, a set of filled chocolates. All very sweet and smooth, and a kind thought, and a pleasing something new. 

Dark chocolate jellybean bar from Zoe's Chocolate

I’m going to go now and make a ham scramble.

I dreamed E and I were having a good time (not a euphemism!), and then we got a call that his parents and brother had all gone into cardiac arrest and were in the hospital, and I realized we’d forgotten about them. (Clearly I feel guilt that we didn’t call them over the weekend.) 

Yesterday I had yoga class with my favorite teacher. It was in some ways better than in-person, because of the privacy and having more space to spread out (even cramped into the bedroom) — which is a big thing I’ve noticed during SiP, that while there’s so much I miss about regular life, it’s so much easier on my sensory processing. The same annoyances that make video chatting/phone calls such poor facsimiles of face-to-face contact also reduce almost 100% the ways such real-life encounters strain my system. Which is sad. But also interesting, that now I get to experience a time when that’s not happening. Also my hips and back and hamstrings feel extraordinarily good now. 

I’m writing now in the living room with Owl nearby trying to explain their artwork to me, in their piercing voice… sigh. I might have to ask them to wait. Is that appropriate? Well… I just did it, and it appears to be working??

Never mind. They’ve come over to talk to me again. Sigh. 

TT & BW hosted one of their creative parties yesterday over Zoom and it was good to attend. I haven’t met many of the people before but that made it invigorating. In attendance: illustrator, musicians, photographer, public artists. The photographer gave us some good practical tips for how to look better in video chats (keep the light in front of you)! And I shared what I wrote during EL’s workshop. 

Oh god, it’s so hard to focus. 

Sending loving thoughts to firefighters.