Happy 2016!

Glorious New Year, friends! As is my annual tradition, I’ve made a one-size-fits-most 2016 calendar for your computer desktop, using photos from our travels. This year we have scenes from England, Canada, and Maine — a very Atlantic year.

Please enjoy! Once you’ve downloaded, open the compressed file and read the About document for more information.

Click the image to download the calendar.

2016 calendar preview

May we all enjoy a 2016 filled with laughter, beauty, connection, inspiration, and abundance.

Somewhat technical info:

  • The calendar is about 52 MB.
  • It downloads as a compressed (zipped) file, which includes two versions: regular and widescreen. The regular images are 4000 x 3000, while widescreen images are around 4000 x 2500.
  • The “calendar” is totally manual — you’ll have to change the photo yourself, every month (just like flipping the page on an old-school wall calendar!).
  • The calendar text is placed wherever it makes most sense aesthetically (as you can see from the above photos), so you may have to move icons around if you want the numbers to be visible every month.