Doing all the things

There are times when I ignore the blog because I have nothing new to report. Then there are times when the exact opposite is true, and I can’t write because there is so much going on and I don’t know how to begin to process it. This latter situation is where I am now.

Since I last posted, I have:

  • visited Chicago, where I met my editor and some fellow contributors to The Places We’ve Been: Field Reports from Travelers Under 35. They are all amazing and inspiring people. We shared meals and a museum visit. We got to be on the radio. We did a public event. I will write another post, sometime, all about this, but for now I’ll leave you with our radio clip and a couple of my favorite photos from the trip.

    with the wonderful Daniel Ketchum


    jamming with Justin Howard


  • realized, thanks to some of my Chicago conversations, that I need to be doing more combining of words and pictures. I have an idea for that; you’ll be seeing some examples soon.
  • begun promoting and planning the upcoming showing of my kitchen portraits in the APAture 2014 visual arts showcase, which debuts next Friday in San Francisco. This is such a big deal for me that I can’t even tell you whether I’m excited, nervous, or just plain stunned.
  • gone to a volunteer orientation in West Oakland. Soon I will be matched with an elementary school student and start weekly mentoring meetings. I haven’t done any one-on-one mentoring since 2009, nor have I sought out anything that would involve me so directly with a local community. I’m not exactly anxious, but it’s still a big step.
  • continued talking with my hair salon about doing portraits for them. It’s looking like this might be a longer-term project than I’d originally thought, but I love that.
  • met with friends, in person, explicitly to talk about race. Another thing I’ve never done, but in the past couple of months I’ve come to realize just what an important part of my life it is (not just race, but diversity in general), so I love that this is becoming a bigger and more conscious part of how I spend my time and thinking.
  • continued to have good conversations and gatherings with my Meetup group.
  • visited (and thought a great deal about) a family member who is recovering from… well, “injury” is not exactly the word, but it’s a similarly long recovery process.
  • begun a new life drawing class at the Richmond Art Center, my old haunt (and I’m so happy to be back there).

I didn’t really think I was doing that much until I began to list it all, in an email to a friend, and then realized, oh, yes, this is no small number of projects. It is good to be this busy, but I’m also trying to hold onto feelings of spaciousness and stillness, because I have chosen all these things and I don’t want any of them to start to feel like a burden.

I will post again when I get the chance, but until then, you know what I’m up to. See you soon!


14 responses to “Doing all the things

  1. Wow, such a busy lady! Well done Lisa, I could sense lots of joy and excitement in your post! Keep it up beautiful and talented Lady! and as always big, big hugs to you!

    • Thank you so much, dearest Aga! I have had much much joy and excitement lately, and as a result also too many thoughts spinning circles in my head, but it’s all good. I will catch up on your posts soon. Big, big hugs to you and I hope all is well in Edinburgh for autumn. ❤

    • Yes, I have, to both, but the unaccustomed busyness has also made me a little wild-eyed. 🙂 At the end of next week we are off to Istanbul for a friend’s wedding — it remains to be seen whether this trip will be a welcome vacation or will add to the wild-eyed-ness. But I am looking forward to it!

      • I’ve been up to my eyeballs with work, including travel, and am finally starting on a 2-week holiday with my family, whom I’ll see in a few hours 🙂

        Istanbul – very nice! Maybe since you’ve been there before, it might help with less wild-eyed-ness 🙂 some of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had in Istanbul include having brunch in the back gardens of cafés in beyoglu district and walking on one of the princes’ islands. I don’t have the names on me right now but would be happy to share some notes later!

        • Ahhhh, enjoy your holiday!!! How wonderful. I’m looking forward to catching up on your blog when I get the chance!

          I’m very intrigued to see how we respond to Istanbul this time around; it’ll be our first time returning properly to a country we’ve visited before. I’d love to hear your recommendations if you get the chance, but if not, no worries at all. I’ve probably got lists of things I wanted to do last time that I didn’t get around to (like Istanbul Modern, off the top of my head!).

    • Thanks so much, Alan! It’s an interesting time for sure. So much food for thought, without the time to think about it, but that will come. 🙂

      • Ahhh, Munira, thank you! I am happy to have the pronunciation out there in the world. 🙂 It’s funny, from the spelling it is not an easy pronunciation, but when the producer took down our names to give the hosts, he wasn’t concerned with the spelling, just the sound. So we spoke our names to him and he wrote them phonetically. After checking and double-checking Brisebois and Skarlatos and Ketchum, when I told him how to say Hsia he said, “Oh, that’s an easy one!” and I smiled because no one has ever said that in reply to it before!

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