As a postscript to yesterday’s entry about having an off-week and feeling like everything was blah…

About an hour after I published that post, my Meetup went public on their site and I went from having 4 members (3 of whom have known me since childhood) to more than 20, and a day later, the count is at 71. I’ve already scheduled several events, the first of which will happen tomorrow. So that ball is rolling.*

Someone contacted me from the at-home recording department of Learning Ally, the organization through which I’ve been volunteering to read audio textbooks, so I may soon be doing narration from home. That’ll save me the hourlong drive to Palo Alto, and I’ll have more flexibility about when I record. Another ball rolling.

I got an email today saying a spot had opened up on the waitlist for a well-regarded Thai cooking class, so in two weeks, I will be learning to make massaman curry… and the classes are just a short walk away in my neighborhood! How exciting.

Oh and my ankle is feeling so much better, I can almost pretend I never hurt it.

Amazing how my mood can turn around in less than 24 hours — to go from feeling sick of everything to feeling like the world is made of possibility! I’m so grateful.


*If you don’t remember me mentioning Meetup before, it’s the website through which I went to various museum visits and drawing sessions in Paris. My best drawing friend from there, Dov, started his own Meetup for sketching and was kind enough to say I inspired it. It delights me thoroughly to think of this creative, Parisian connection as I begin my adventure in Meetup organizing!