As a postscript to yesterday’s entry about having an off-week and feeling like everything was blah…

About an hour after I published that post, my Meetup went public on their site and I went from having 4 members (3 of whom have known me since childhood) to more than 20, and a day later, the count is at 71. I’ve already scheduled several events, the first of which will happen tomorrow. So that ball is rolling.*

Someone contacted me from the at-home recording department of Learning Ally, the organization through which I’ve been volunteering to read audio textbooks, so I may soon be doing narration from home. That’ll save me the hourlong drive to Palo Alto, and I’ll have more flexibility about when I record. Another ball rolling.

I got an email today saying a spot had opened up on the waitlist for a well-regarded Thai cooking class, so in two weeks, I will be learning to make massaman curry… and the classes are just a short walk away in my neighborhood! How exciting.

Oh and my ankle is feeling so much better, I can almost pretend I never hurt it.

Amazing how my mood can turn around in less than 24 hours — to go from feeling sick of everything to feeling like the world is made of possibility! I’m so grateful.


*If you don’t remember me mentioning Meetup before, it’s the website through which I went to various museum visits and drawing sessions in Paris. My best drawing friend from there, Dov, started his own Meetup for sketching and was kind enough to say I inspired it. It delights me thoroughly to think of this creative, Parisian connection as I begin my adventure in Meetup organizing!


17 responses to “Serendipity

    • More or less! 😉

      My ankle is well enough to walk on now but it’s definitely still wonky. 😦 I’m fine on flat ground but I keep reminding myself not to overdo it and definitely not to do things like hiking on dirt trails. I hope your wrist is recovering 😦

  1. A meet up of 71 – that is one impressive statistic! I was going to comment on your last post that usually when I get that dead in the water feeling, it just means something is about to happen and I just need to embrace the nothingness for awhile. Have you heard of the I Ching? It helps me when I’m not sure which way is up 🙂

    • I used to have an I Ching book a long time ago, but haven’t looked into it for a long time. Good to know it’s helpful for you 🙂

      It’s very true about that feeling being a sign of better things to come. It usually is, but that knowledge somehow isn’t always comforting in the down moment. ;b I guess it’s like packing for a trip to hot weather when it’s cold where you are (or vice versa) — it’s just so hard to imagine that things can really be that different when in the moment you feel ____!

    • Oh lady, I so wish you could join too. It’s but mine is this one. Have you looked for meetups in your area? There might be something… one of my members was just telling me there’s a Bay Area writing one called “Shut Up and Write.” Hehe. Sounds like a good idea. ;b

    • PS. I have scheduled a sketching meetup at Yerba Buena Gardens on Thursday the 12th. If you’re free, you are welcome to join us! I’d love to see you and to sketch with you would be divine. 🙂

  2. I agree with Maryn’s comment that those low interludes are a waiting moment for something that’s coming. It’s almost like allowing us a small breathing space, or a quiet time that then allows us to appreciate the changes coming our way. Unfortunately, I never look at those interludes like that until they are past!

    • That’s what I was just saying in reply to Maryn! It’s so hard not to just fall into “I knew it, this is why I’m a bad artist, I’m never going to make anything…” ;b That’s why I document these things on the blog, actually; reading over old off-day posts (and seeing the solid creative posts that follow them) helps remind me they don’t last forever.

  3. Beautiful and dear Lisa, you are so right that the way how we feel can change completely sometimes in seconds. It is so great and inspiring that you have started meet up group. it is such a great idea! Well done! remind me as well about our first meet up in Edinburgh. Big and endless with lots of love hugs to you!

    • Yes, I am thinking about our meeting in Edinburgh! Such a lifeline when I really needed it. 🙂 ❤ I like reading on your blog, too, about your creative ups and downs. It's good to know I am not the only one going through these cycles. So much love and big hugs to you. I wish I could walk around the city with you and sit and talk and then go draw. Do you still go to the life drawing group?

  4. I go as much as I can to Dov’s meetup! I hope one day I will go to Oakland so I can go to your meetup! I’m sure your meetup is great!

    • Thanks very much, François! I wish I could be in Paris again so I could go to Dov’s meetup! 🙂 So far my meetup has been successful so I am very very happy about that. It is just what I need. 🙂

      If you ever come to Oakland, absolutely you must join my meetup!

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