Air plants and roses

Tillandsia and pups, with some liberty taken with colors. Actually there were only two babies but I painted them from different angles.


A few days after I visited the rose garden, a friend came to visit, bringing a cupful of cut roses from her garden. And unlike so many of the roses around our neighborhood, they smell amazing. I found myself getting a bit confused while painting this one; I kept thinking it was the paint that generated the fragrance. (It’s not so far-fetched, as I have a Swiss-made drawing ink that is scented with rose.)


Some of you who get email updates from this blog may have noticed I appear to be posting a ton lately, which isn’t the case. Last week I imported all the posts from my old LiveJournal blog, and have been slowly cleaning those up (removing dead links, re-uploading photos, etc). I’m not sure whether all of those show up in your email updates, but anyway, sorry for spamming you. I’m afraid this may continue until I get all the posts updated, which could be weeks. Feel free to unsubscribe from updates for now; I’ll let you know when I’m done editing, so you can re-subscribe.


11 responses to “Air plants and roses

    • Thank you for visiting! No, I’ve never tried it, but maybe someday! I’m actually trying to move away from delicacy, not because I don’t like it, but because my hands/wrists don’t. 😐 But I just seem to gravitate toward it naturally.

  1. i was going to comment on how cool that big air plant looks (love the color and lines and how you perfectly captured the overlapping leaves) but then i saw the rose. WOW, that is gorgeous!!

    PS: airplantzairplantzairplantz

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  3. Oh myyyy, these paintings are so lovely! I’m still waiting for the day you come out with an illustrated book so I can snatch up a copy. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Meriel! I like your site! I see you’re in Tampa — one of my very dear friends recently got into air plants, and she lives in Temple Terrace. Do you have a (non-web) store, or do any of the local markets?

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