A painting a day: #2, Crabapples on Ice

I haven’t set specific parameters for my daily paintings, but I have a vague idea that I’d rather not paint items belonging to this apartment. I love the place, but it’s a furnished sublet, and somehow I don’t want to paint things that aren’t mine — not because I think it’s unethical, but it just doesn’t feel resonant to use things I didn’t choose myself. So that leaves me with my own possessions (the ones I travel with) and whatever consumables I bring in (food, flowers, etc). I’m not typically a fruit-and-flowers kind of painter but I thought there was a possibility for a seasonal theme with this project. Hence the gourd on day one, followed by yesterday’s crabapples.

These are Robinson crabapples, bought at the farmers’ market some weeks ago when I couldn’t resist their winey color. They’re starting to shrivel a bit now but the color is as deep as ever. This painting took me an hour and sixteen minutes.


Here are the crabapples hanging out with the previous day’s gourd:


And a shot of the entire sheet of paper, with a pencil thrown in for scale:

I paint to music whenever possible. While making this picture I listened to a lot of different eras of jazz. Selections from the playlist:

  • Thelonious Monk, “Epistrophy.” Just awesome.
  • Sarah Vaughan, “Whatever Lola Wants.” Try getting dressed for a date while listening to this one!
  • 1949 Metronome All-Stars (featuring a lot of famous names), “Victory Ball.” (Never mind the little introductory fanfare on the video.) So cool.
  • Louis Armstrong, “Gut Bucket Blues.” From 1925.