Glasgow: Botanic Gardens

On our last full day in Glasgow, we walked around the West End and ended up at the Botanic Gardens. We were taking in the exquisitely fragrant rose garden when we felt a few drops on our heads, and then more. On previous days I’ve taken out my umbrella and then closed it up again within a few minutes. But this afternoon it began to pour. Raincoat hoods went up; mothers and children took shelter under a large tree by the play area. Erik and I made our way as quickly as possible to the Victorian glasshouses (what we at home would call greenhouses) and ducked inside the nearest one.

Glasshouses on a rainy day at the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow

As the rain began to hammer on the clear glass of the roof, we looked around and discovered ourselves surrounded by begonias. To our right, doors opened out onto a room full of ferns, which in turn opened onto a room full of palms; directly before us, another room contained impatiens, and the room after that, aquatic plants. For an hour or two we wandered the humid glasshouses, I taking photos until my battery ran out amid the carnivorous plants and the koi ponds in the Kibble Palace.

Reflection of the glasshouse roof in the koi pond

Inside the Kibble Palace, in black and white

Here are the best few dozen of the two hundredย pictures, for your delectation and wonder. As always, click on the images to enlarge, and mouse over to read commentary and names of the plants.


Stunning white flower with curling tips

Showy watermelon-and-white Impatiens

Tiny, dainty pale yellow and rather circular clump of flowers

Pale and dark pink pelargonium

Little white flower with petals curling in like raised arms making a heart shape

Big, gorgeous fuschias

White Angel pelargonium with pink heart

Little yellow flowers with weird curved, bumpy connecting stem

A purple clover with triangular leaves and flowers of palest gleaming lavender, Oxalis triangularis

Delicately curved pink bud

Foliage, succulents, cacti, and more

Fittonia 'pink lace'

Spotted green leaves

Spotted yellow and red leaves

Fat spiky cactus, Mammillaria canelensis 'Craig'

Kalanchoe tubiflora 'Hamet'

Striped narrow dark-brown and white succulent, Haworthia fasciata Haw.

Translucent pink and green leaves of Haworthia planifolia Haw.

Tall, narrow green and yellow spotted leaves.

Bright fuschia-colored pitcher plant

Spotted-leaved Maranta leuconeura with tiny white flower

Green and white striped leaves

Big dark green leaves with curled pale leaves (or petals?) in the center

Pale green leaves with darker green splotches around the edges

Haworthia tortuosa Haw, multicolored succulent with pointed leaves

Contrasting yellow leaves against the south wall of the Main Range glasshouse

Flora in black and white

A sprinkler blocking a doorway Inside one of the glasshouses

Delicate fern tips

Some weird patterned wood

Boldly striped leaves

Classic succulent rosettes

Funny vertical-growing succulent in a narrow braid shape

That same trumpet flower from before (if it is a trumpet flower) with the curling tips

Water droplets all over dark leaves with pale splotches

Oscularia deltiodes Schwantes

Big tropical leaf with dramatic contrast shading

Water lettuces over the surface of a pond, underneath the metalwork of the glasshouse ceiling.

Today, we move to Edinburgh.