World a little skewed

I was going to write today about some of the lovely live music I’ve heard in Toronto in the past couple of weeks, but instead the day has become another quiet time-out. I woke up at 8:30 AM with vertigo, which I’ve never before experienced even though I get mild dizziness or motion sickness on a fairly regular basis. This was something quite different. The world didn’t feel as still as usual, and when I tried to still myself, I felt a strong push to my right, as if gravity’s force went sideways instead of straight down. I got back in bed, but sleepy as I was, closing my eyes made things worse. I lay there for a few minutes, breathing deeply against the nausea, but finally I just got up. I moved to the living room sofa and huddled there for a while, looking up “vertigo” online until the backlit iPad text made my head swim too much to continue.*

A couple of hours later Erik and I were in a taxi, eastbound along a short stretch of Bloor where we normally walk in the evening for ice cream or cash or postage stamps. We stopped on Spadina and took an elevator upstairs to a fourth-floor walk-in clinic where the receptionists were nice and the upholstered chairs greenly dingy. By the time a doctor saw me, almost an hour later, in an exam room decorated with faded charts and out-of-date brochures, the nausea had receded and I felt merely dizzy rather than acutely disoriented. Diagnosis: vertigo, she said, and unless it continued for longer than a week, there wasn’t much I could do except take Gravol. Yes, she confirmed: it feels awful.

So, instead of the writing and drawing dates, shopping, and arts festival-going I was hoping to do today, I am taking Gravol, drinking lots of water, and lying around on the couch trying to stay off the computer. The pills are helping, but I still feel weird… now that I think of it, this feels a lot like jet lag, where I’m mostly fine but the relationship between the vertical and the horizontal seems a little closer than usual. I hope I’ll be all better tomorrow.


*Strangely enough, it didn’t occur to me — and the doctor didn’t ask, either — whether this could be a different kind of morning sickness. Well, maybe it’s occurred to you, in which case I say: it’s not likely. Taking various factors into consideration… it’s not likely. Seems kind of weird she didn’t ask, though, huh?