Jet lag feels like a waking dreamstate

Still jet-lagged. For the five nights we’ve been back, I’ve enjoyed a regularly alternating sleep pattern of:

  • sleeping through the night (9pm-7am)
  • not sleeping through the night (10pm-3am, one nap 4-5pm)
  • sleeping (10pm-8am, nap 1-4pm)
  • not sleeping (11pm-2am, again 7am-noon)
  • sleeping (11pm-9am).

In between all the sleeping and non-sleeping I’ve looked awake but haven’t always felt it; sometimes my thoughts seem so crisp I think my mind is even clearer than normal, but sooner or later I find myself nodding again into that vague limbo of jet lag. And when sleeping, always, I dream: bright sensory experiences that pluck thoughts and observations from my travels (the feel of my sketchbook pages, a city of skyscrapers viewed from above) and swirl them together with hazier, but still familiar, sensations (feeling in-control in a foreign land, moving through a crowded space, trying a new food I can’t identify). This morning, just before waking, I dreamed I was painting.

This is the first painting I made on our trip: the view out the third-story window of a taro-dumpling shop in Jiufen, on the north coast of Taiwan.

Watercolor sketch of houses and mountains

Sept 24 – Jiufen, Taiwan