Open Mic Friday! you talk: amazement

Happy Friday, dear loves, and welcome to the Open Mic! If you’re new here, on Fridays we get together here for some chat. (Sometimes there’s a guest artist instead.) The topic varies from week to week, but everyone is welcome to participate in the comments.

This morning I was doing yoga in the living room when I became aware of a strange series of sounds outside. When we lived in San Pablo I was accustomed to the conversation of chickens, and sometimes geese, but this didn’t sound like either of those. I went to the window and peeked through the blinds to see — turkeys!

Is it because I’ve been reading so much Georgette Heyer that I thought instantly of elegant lords and ladies at a ball? The hens are like gowned ladies, clustering together, their trains spread out behind them. As for the males — I never realized courting toms were so “prodigious elegant” (as one of Heyer’s Regency characters might say)! The way they fan those glorious dark tails tipped with gold, the graceful carriage of their dramatic bulk (they are much bigger than the hens), the way they strut and stop and point their feathers — they are exquisite, like characters out of an opera.

Alas, I didn’t get good photos, but I did take a little bit of video. I couldn’t get close enough to capture the courting behavior, but you can see the males a little bit, toward the right of the screen.

What amazed you this week? What had you gaping, delighted? Share anything, large or small. Catch you in the comments!