Open Mic Friday! you talk: winter traditions

Happy Friday, my dears, and welcome to the Open Mic! If you’re new or haven’t visited in a while, on weeks when we don’t have a guest artist, I pose a question and we chat in the comments. Ready?

Christmas lights in the shape of a "no smoking" sign with an L in it

Spotted in Sausalito last night. Get it? (Mouse over if you don't!)

I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but as the ancients knew, midwinter is a magical time of year no matter what your customs. Tell me: what are your favorite winter traditions, large or small? What do you look forward to every year (or what did you enjoy once upon a time that you’d love to resurrect someday)?

Happy celebrations this weekend, to all who are celebrating, and let’s toast with virtual mulled cider (or wine, or hot cocoa) in the comments! See you there!