Erik is the coolest!

That's brush-pen, not paint.

You could try solving it, but many of the clues are inside jokes.

I’ve already said what a wizard I’m married to, but I have to say it again. I’ve been totally obsessed with crossword puzzles for the past month, and he knows it, so guess what he made me for my birthday?

One thing I love about Erik is that he’s a visual artist too, though he doesn’t draw as much as I do. When he develops software, he cares about things like fonts and color. When he composes music, he writes the cutest, neatest little notes (seriously, he always laughs at this, but I squeal whenever I look at his compositions). And when he makes a crossword, you can bet it’ll be a good-looking one. He made this one on some of my watercolor paper, and at first I thought he’d painted the grid, but it’s all marker.

It’s a good crossword, too — fun and just challenging enough for a birthday morning. I have to confess my favorite clue is 12 down, though. It’s nice to have reminders that Erik is human in spite of his talents. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What’s even more amazing is — not to put him on the spot, but I am — this isn’t the first time Erik has delighted my puzzle-loving self with such a special gift. Behold these gems of years past:

Crossword numero uno!

This one is from 2006 or 7, I think.


This is from college.

Awesome, right? Erik is the coolest of the cool.