Still kind of a fashion designer at heart

Lately I’ve been thinking about clothes. A week or two ago, while trying to fall asleep at night, I returned to an old pastime: designing outfits.

Clothing designs

Two outfits and a purse

These two were outfits I’d want to wear: comfortable, practical, colorful and a little quirky. It’s too bad I never got good enough at sewing to be able to make my own clothes — at least to my own standards of fit and workmanship — but it’s still fun to fantasize every now and then. The clothes in the mass market these days mostly don’t suit my body; nearly everything I wear has to be stretchy and knit. It’s not just — though I used to think it was — about being fatter than a fashion model. I have a large chest, a long torso, and an ample belly and bottom… compared to average, which is what most designs are based on. My proportions simply aren’t the proportions clothes are made for.

Closeup on clothing designsTake my design on the left, for instance. It looks like separates, but it’s a dress. If I tried to buy such a dress in a shop, thanks to my long torso, it’s almost guaranteed that the waistline would hit at the bottom of my ribcage instead of at my actual waist. Given the rich curves above and below my navel, a too-high waistline makes me look chubby at best, pregnant at worst. And on the shirt at right, there’s an empire waistline, and princess seams fit the shirt through the waist and avoid the billowing-tent effect empires can create on busty women. If I saw this shirt in a store, it probably wouldn’t fit me. Most clothes are designed for b-cup breasts; standard empire waists hit d-cups like mine somewhere around mid-boob.

Anyway, it’s no secret that many women dream of having clothes that fit them better than the ones they can buy off the rack! (Heh. The “rack” is my problem in more ways than one…) I love daydreaming the things I want to wear, but unless I magically find more time in which to perfect my sewing skills, we won’t see me in impeccably-fitting attire anytime soon. In the meantime, I’ll keep drawing away on sleepless nights!