Voice of wisdom to the girls I know

Tuesday’s writing prompt was oh girl. I didn’t know at first what to do with this, but pretty soon a voice came into my head and started talking. It’s the kind of round middle-register voice that could belong to a higher-voiced man or a low-voiced woman. At first the voice was addressing me, but soon it moved on to other girls in my life, saying:

Oh girl,
nobody’s looking at you,
They’re only thinking of themselves,
afraid you’re judging them too.

Oh girl,
it’s been a long time,
whyn’t you take better care of yourself,
ya know?
You should do this more often,
let some’a that load slip off your shoulders,
breathe a little.

Oh girl,
you know what you want,
you’re just afraid to ask for it.

Oh girl,
you don’t have to know it all,
you don’t have to be so mature all the time,
you’re still young, you know.

Oh girl,
don’t just do what he wants.

Oh girl,
you’re so beautiful,
I just want to look at you all the time,
you don’t even know.