Feeling “on” in the figure studio

Last night I went to figure studio and for once I felt “on” from the start of the evening. Usually my first few sketches feel sluggish and awkward, but this time everything seemed to flow easily. Maybe it’s because I’ve painted this model before (and recently), maybe it’s because the afternoon was productive and peaceful — I don’t know. As with “fat days” and “skinny days,” on days and off days, the difference is mostly in my mind; I don’t notice that last night’s paintings were markedly more stellar than last week’s or those of the week before. But I had a heck of a lot more fun doing them. (I also felt more tired by the end of the session. Related?)

As always, click on the images below for larger versions and more description, or visit flickr to see all eight sketches. By the way, my flickr scans used to all be lumped into a single set called Art, but I’ve divided it now into separate sets in a single Art & Crafts collection. That’s the one linked at the right side of the blog, or you can access it here.

Sorry for the wrinkly paper. I did these pictures on so-so-quality watercolor paper, on the back side of other paintings. Saves paper, but doesn’t look so hot.

Three quick gesture sketches of a female model

Two-minute gestures

Three quick sketches of a nude woman wearing rainbow stockings

Five-minute poses

Woman lying down, wearing only a bra and striped stockings

Long Day, 20-minute pose

Standing woman wearing a red plaid bra and pink striped stockings

Bloom, 20-minute pose and my favorite picture from the evening

Watercolor of a nude woman in a twisted seated pose

Day's End, 20-minute pose