Two weeks’ worth of life drawings

There is a lot I want to write and I’ve got scribbled notes and typed drafts all over my office, but I’ve got too much to do this week. A couple of weeks ago Erik read in a book about a productivity trick used by Charles Schwab, where you write down the six most important things you have to do that day. A six-point to-do list isn’t exactly brain surgery, but somehow it’s been working well for us both. I think it’s that it forces prioritization, usually my weakest point when it comes to planning the day’s actions. (Brain surgery = A joke played beautifully by Mitchell and Webb. I snicker like a fool every time I watch the video.)

The six-point list works brilliantly with the 45/15 work schedule I learned about earlier this year, and so I’ve been getting a lot done — which is great, because otherwise I’d be absolutely drowning! Is summer super-busy for everyone? It feels like it around here! Lots of visits and travel, not to mention all the usual stuff, and post-IWL obligations. And I’m starting a daily newsletter of writing prompts — sign up here if interested (it’s just a simple prompt each day and you can unsubscribe anytime).

For today, I’d like to show you some paintings from the past couple of figure drawing sessions. Last night we had a male model, which was great for me as I have very little experience drawing guys. As always, click on the images for larger versions and descriptions, or visit my flickr to see all twelve images from these sessions.

Watercolor painting of a woman standing, from behind

Gold and ocean

I love the above painting so much, it’s the only one I’ll post from last week’s session with Karen. There are a few more on flickr.

2-minute gesture drawings of Alex

2-minute gesture drawings, Alex

Pensive, 5-minute pose

Pensive, 5-minute pose

Man bending forward at the waist

Loop, 12-minute pose