Open Mic Friday! you talk: body as inspiration

Frances Sedayao, FEDM

Frances Sedayao, Facing East Dance & Music (

Happy Friday, lovely souls, and welcome to the Open Mic! Guest posts will return next week with some humorous work from J. A. Adams. For now, let’s talk!

If you’re new here or haven’t stopped by in a while, here’s how it works: I pose a question and we all discuss. Comments are threaded so you can reply to each other directly. The conversation stays open all weekend!

Today’s question is inspired by a lovely article by Ron Bieganski, on teaching theater to youth. (For more on Bieganski and his work with youth, read Ré’s recent post at sparksinshadow.) I found his article at the perfect time, since I’ve been struggling to get momentum on a final piece for my IWL anthology. Bieganski writes:

Part of the problem… is that most acting training takes for granted that the actor already understands where creativity, emotion and spontaneity come from. But the more I’ve worked with youth, the more I’ve realized that they don’t understand these things…

I asked myself the following questions: How do you develop focus to stay in the moment? How do you develop an open, fluid emotional connection within your work? How do you develop a nonjudgmental attitude that allows your body to be a virtuoso reactor? And isn’t all of the above something I want to develop in youth whether they are actors or not? Isn’t this something I want to continue developing in myself?

He goes on to describe a technique that is rooted in the physical experience of the body, in sensation and movement leading the way to emotional openness.

My question to you today is: How do the sensations and movements of your body inform your creative process? (Or, if you do not consider yourself an artist, how does your body inform your everyday life?)

Go to it!