Some early Christmas-gift photos

Some of my recipients have already opened their gifts, so I feel fine posting pics to share. 🙂 These are all 2.5-3″ diameter pins, meant to be worn on clothing, outerwear, or purses/bags (I myself also have bought similar pins to just hang around my desk, so they’re versatile little things!).

This one was an experiment in making a pin from only one front piece of fabric (you’ll notice all the other pins use at least two fabrics), using the pattern on the fabric as a design element, and adding beads and buttons for interest.

I’m getting a lot better at blanket stitching (that hand stitch around the edge of the pin), now that I’ve been doing so much of it!!

This one was an attempt to make the pin almost entirely on my sewing machine, with just some beads sewn on by hand. Again, I used the pattern on the fabric as a design element. I like doing the machine sewing because it’s easier, but the zigzag stitch tends to pucker the fabric when I use it for edging… I’m not sure whether this is because I’m doing it wrong, or this is just the way it goes. I did do another machine-sewn pin that really didn’t come out as well, though I like this one a lot. In my own notes I refer to this one as “mini garden.”

This one has a look I like very much, with the shank button sewn into the center of the yo-yo. We’ve called this the “secret society” pin because Erik says it looks like a badge for some exclusive club. It does have a very traditional look to it, with those dark reds!

This last one is a variation on the above technique, with an added circle of coral stitch around the yo-yo.I like this one a lot, too. I love the vintage button in the center, and the two fabrics have some sheen to them so the whole thing has a slightly glamorous evening-y effect.

After the holidays wind down, I plan to make more of these pins to add to the shop. They please me very much, they’re versatile and fun accessories, they make good gifts, and since I make them almost entirely from my scrap bag, they’re quite eco-friendly. Plus they’re so much fun to make!