Long day of cleaning and scanning

Long day. Erik and I are both so tired we’ve decided to call it a day and finish up those last two episodes of Glee we still haven’t watched yet. Today I did laundry, cleaning, and tidying, updated the budget, and scanned 200 old family photos and burned them to CD to bring to the family Christmas gathering. Yes, 200 — actually 201 to be precise. So that’s why I’m tired.

Also, I read this article (sent to me by Bright) about Madeleine L’Engle, purporting that her life was never as harmonious nor as perfect as her books would make it seem. This clarifies some of that unreal feeling I’ve always gotten from her books. I still think they’re wonderful and give us something to aspire to, but it’s somewhat reassuring to know that even the creator of the Austins wasn’t able to live the life she described in her fiction and nonfiction. And it explains why I often feel, when reading L’Engle, that people aren’t really like that, the world isn’t really like that. I always wondered whether she just knew things I didn’t — but it seems that maybe even her people and her world truly weren’t like that.

Tina’s coming to stay with us in a few days, so I attempted to organize my craft supplies in the guest room. One thing I did was store all the rug wool in boxes — an enormous task.

I hope I won’t regret that I secured all the rolls of wool strips with straight pins!

While I was sorting the wool, I thought of a new way to store my fabrics that will allow me to keep most of them in the basement. I’ve been trying to think of a good system for a long time, and today it just happened upon me. I will get some big plastic bins and sort the fabrics into them according to size, numbering each bin. I’ll cut a swatch from each fabric and put the swatches on big key rings that are numbered according to the boxes. That way, I can store the swatches upstairs, and since they’re organized by fabric size, I should always know how much of any fabric I have at any given time. Then I can just get whatever I need out of the basement, when I need it.

This sounds good but I’ll have to try it out to know whether it really works. Right now I have my fabrics sorted roughly by size AND by type of fabric, which of course gives me trouble because sometimes I want things sorted only by type and sometimes only by size. But I still think the swatch system will work better, because it’ll be so much easier to flip through several key rings of swatches than to do the dig-and-toss thing I do now.

Unfortunately, this also means I now have to buy plastic bins and key rings. I could try to find some used, but I’d be suspicious of their cleanliness, and I can’t say I particularly want to bring a succession of giant bins into the shower with me to scrub them. Hrm. Well, it’s an option, I suppose. I’ll keep my eyes peeled both for used bins and for sales on new ones.