Retroactive clock-out from last night

WordPress wasn’t letting me post last night, so I wrote my clock-out into a separate file. Here it is.

Morning pages on the computer, great but intense yoga class, wrote cute thank-you card to Nunzio and Christina (happy with it!), replied to Anjali’s email, drew a decent version of the Satsumabug logo and Erik figured out that he can fix it up digitally with Inkscape (yay!!) — though I’ll redo it later to accommodate different colors (yes that can be done on the computer, but I expect to hand-draw and color the logo at some point so I need to use colors I can reproduce with my markers), replied to a lot of emails, talked to Mommy for an hour to try to convince her to start her own business rather than hiring herself out as a babysitter/nanny (she is so adamant about getting us to do things, but has no confidence for herself… this reminds me of the wedding dress incident, when she was convinced she could only wear a sack dress and nothing better), made a lot of phone calls and filled out and printed forms and made plans to go to Martinez next week for a business license and fictitious-business-name license, ate a ghastly (but satisfying) number of Mother’s English Tea cookies which I have been craving for months, and griped online and to Erik and to Al over the phone about Obama’s surprise Peace Prize award, about which I apparently am one of the few left-leaning people in the world who feels the honor is strange and not entirely appropriate.

What with allover muscle soreness, slight sleep deprivation, the late hour, all the unpleasantness over Obama’s award (both the nasty Republicans and others’ responses to my own less-than-thrilled-ness), the business logistics, and losing so much work time today and this week, and a busy weekend ahead, I am wiped out.