Woke up, did some yoga, then wrote 10 morning pages which ended up occupying my entire morning and becoming this journal entry detailing my thoughts post-Farm Sanctuary. Then I went to my singing lesson and was inspired to suggest learning “Skylark” for my song this time; I am having a lot of fun with that. Picked up CSA box. Checked my voice mail messages and realized in horror that I forgot to include a copy of my driver’s license along with my seller’s permit application; spent the next half hour in incredible frustration, trying to get a decent copy made and faxed. Simmered down by making tom kha gai (delicious and intense), then went to Bridges with Erik — which left me energized, so I added another journal entry, and now I am finally sleepy and ready for bed.

I don’t feel like I did a whole lot today, but singing is always rejuvenating, I got a lot of exercise done and ate some awesome food, and spent the morning writing something I cared about. So I can’t criticize this day at all.