End of week finally finds me back in myself

Finally, I am feeling back to myself again. I just got in my morning pages this morning before going to Kimber’s class, which was, as always, wonderful. It was delightful to see Kimber again — we exchanged many hugs and smiles — and experience a 90-minute yoga class for the first time since well before Ithaca. I was so tired I was shaky, but I could also feel that I was stronger — an interesting combination. Kimber talked about the current moon cycle, the waxing gibbous, and encouraged us to keep moon journals, saying she knew someone who felt her life had been changed by doing so. This intrigues me, so, tonight’s moon journal: first day of the waxing gibbous. Kimber thinks this moon looks endearingly awkward, but I don’t find it so — it looks as strikingly beautiful as any other phase of the moon. I spent a quiet moment out on the deck alone tonight, after our party, and looked at the moon until its light made my eyes unfocus.

After yoga I picked up our CSA box and had lunch, and then it was just resting (was still shaky for a while after yoga and a light lunch), cooking, and little spurts of eye-pillow-sewing until our friends came over.

As with the past few days, this was not the most productive day, but after yoga and a dinner party I am finally feeling back to myself, and for that I am grateful. Now to spend some of the weekend in San Jose… alas! But I have been promised old silk saris for crafting purposes if I only go pick them up, so that will be worthwhile!!!

Oh, and I started keeping an “observations” document, based on things I notice or think about while I’m out or just going about my daily business. I think this will be a fruitful practice.