Time is my friend now!

I had a really grand workday today! I got up and showered, watered the plants, changed the cat litter, and made a breakfast and wrote seven morning pages (some of them on the computer because my writing hand was starting to ache). Those pages also yielded this journal entry on managing my time, and there are plenty of other things I wrote about that I starred to blog about later. By the time I finished all this — with appropriate breaks, I might add, in which I was able to do some housework — it was time for lunch, so I ate and then made a schedule in the post-lunch slump. After that I set up the outside umbrella and wiped off the deck table, and spent about an hour outside practicing perspective drawing, which got me out of the post-lunch slump. After that I cut decoupage scraps and practiced my singing, while boiling potatoes simultaneously. Then it was dinnertime, and afterward I cut more scraps while I showed Erik my perspective sketches and he explained what I didn’t understand.

It was a very fulfilling, very productive day and I’m sure it’s all due to my new attitude on time and my new schedule. Yay!!

Tomorrow Al’s coming to stay with us — I don’t know for how long — so I hope my productive attitude doesn’t go completely out the window while she’s here. 😐