Best shopping dream ever

Last night I dreamed Erik and I were strolling around Chicago when we spied a Macy’s having a huge closing sale. You could only get in if you had a “Macy’s Gold Star” card, but I looked in my purse and I had a “Macy’s Platinum Line” card instead and I knew that would work. As we walked in I remarked to Erik, “Who knew that that would actually come in handy someday?”

We walked in and the store had everything for sale at huge discounts. A $900 coat was $100. Shirts were going for $20 and I found racks of sports bras for $5. Erik and I split up to check our respective departments. I remember thinking, “This is worth breaking the budget for… these are real bargains!!”

We’d come at the perfect moment in the sale: enough stuff was gone that it wasn’t completely overwhelming, but there was still tons of excellent merchandise left. At the moment I woke up, I was in a fitting room with an Australian girl and we were both gushing over how much stuff there was at the sale.