A pleasant day

I baked apple-ginger muffins and loaf bread today, and made potato salad with bacon in it (OMG, why have I never done this before? Oh right, I’m trying not to eat meat). I had a wonderful singing lesson — am finally kind of able to sing “Tonight” from West Side Story — and proposed a twobugs’ night out to Erik. We drove across the bay to Marin and hiked in a gorgeous redwood forest in Larkspur. Then we tried to find someplace to eat, but everything there was all crowded and bourgie and silly. We even considered a sushi place but as soon as we got close to the door, we heard dreadful fake Asian music coming from inside so we both immediately turned the other way and left. It was kind of funny. Just when we were driving back toward home, having decided to just eat at Togo’s, we discovered Togo’s was closed… so we had Thai food instead, and it was fine. It was a good day. 🙂