Grateful much?

I think I can safely say that this has been one of the weirdest weeks of my life. And of course, like the last time I had an utterly crazy week, Erik is out of town. Maybe he knows something, like kitties who can sense earthquake tremors before they happen, and is smart enough to clear out in advance!

Here is one thing: I went to two movies in theatres (well, the second was an advance screening that filled up before we got there… but I would have gone to two movies in theatres). Normally I see a movie in a theatre about every six months.

Here is another thing: I went to a different yoga class than usual and the instructor kind of blew my mind. Not my body, my mind.

Here is another thing: Ying and Stale are moving to Denver at the end of the summer, and they have bought a house.

Here is another thing: Ying and I were going to a museum, but we decided to skip it to go shopping. We went to two stores and we didn’t buy anything.

And another thing: On the way back from the stores, we went to pick up Jason from the Coffee Bean where he was grading papers. At an intersection, two cars collided with each other about three feet from my front bumper. This is what happened:
0. We were stopped at a red light. The light turned green.
1. I pulled forward cautiously, as I always do when I’m first in line for a green.
2. A car raced through the red light, as the car opposite me pulled forward at full speed for the green light.
3. They smashed into each other and bits of glass flew everywhere.
4. The red-light-runner car spun 180°, around my car, and came to rest on my other side, as the car it hit stopped with crumpled bumper and fluid leaking from the front.

[I had a diagram posted, but it’s now lost]

It all happened so fast my heart didn’t even begin to race, but Ying was in the passenger seat and I think she understood it more quickly than I did, and freaked out accordingly. I proceeded through the intersection on autopilot, then we looped back around to check on the people who’d hit each other. They looked fine, but the woman who’d run the red light HAD HER KID WITH HER and the kid looked incredibly shaken. Geez.

We babbled incoherently at each other until we reached the Coffee Bean. Jason got in the car and we chattered at him, “WE JUST ALMOST DIED!”

There has been other serious shit that has hit the fan this week, but I can’t get into it here. Then there have been other bizarre happenings that have not been directly related to me.

Jason received a call from a Panamanian friend who is suddenly in the US for a visit, and they’re going to get together.

Anthony at City Yoga is suddenly resigning his Anusara certification, and I don’t know why.

. . .

All I have to say is that I am profoundly grateful for my friends and my life, and I am really hoping that once Erik gets back tomorrow, the planets will get out of whatever crazy alignment they are in, and things will go back to normal!

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