Yesterday in time and space

8.30am – awake / home
9am – Exxon / Santa Monica Blvd
9.20am – West Hollywood Recycling Center / Santa Monica Blvd
9.40am – Cherokee Station post office / Cherokee and Sunset
10am – hard-boiled egg and toast, reading up on Fidelio / home
10.20am – reading interview tips in preparation for Monday’s library interview / home
10.40am – Jackie’s car
11am – hardest Pilates session ever / La Brea Ave

12noon – breakfast burrito and fruit, Cafe Lulu / Beverly Blvd
1.30pm – Target, Ulta / Santa Monica and La Brea
2.30pm – Whole Foods / Santa Monica Blvd
3.30pm – read, shower, dress / home
5pm – sushi and seaweed salad / home

6pm – 101 freeway
6.50pm – Dorothy Chandler Pavilion / Grand Ave
7.30pm – Fidelio, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion / Grand Ave
11.30pm – broccoli with hollandaise sauce, macaroni and cheese, mango mousse and mango sorbet, Pacific Dining Car / Sixth St

1.40am – 101 freeway
2am – Margaret, Jason leave / home
2.05am – Tisha noticed dribbling pee everywhere / home
2.10am – remove evening dress and put on tee and jeans / home
2.15am – Jackie and I wrestle dribbling Tisha into carrier / home
2.30am – TLC Pet Medical Center / Santa Monica Blvd
3.30am – Tisha left at, half my rent paid to, TLC Medical Center / Santa Monica Blvd
3.45am – brush teeth, wash off makeup / home
4am – awake / home
4.30am – call from surgeon with update on Tisha’s surgery: stable / home
4.45am – nothingness / bed

7am – Jackie and I try to wake up / bed
7.05am – upset tummy / bathroom
7.10am – return to bed
7.30am – Jackie and I try to wake up / bed
8am – Jackie and I try to wake up / bed
8.30am – Jackie and I try to wake up / bed
9am – Jackie and I wake up / home
9.10am – Jackie leaves
9.20am – upset tummy / bathroom
9.30am – call Erik / home
10.45am – leftover seaweed salad, toast / home
11am – write this entry

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3 responses to “Yesterday in time and space

  1. you are very concise

    let’s see if I can be as concise –

    1. good luck to poor tisha!
    2. hope your tummy feels better
    3. can’t wait to see you this weekend
    4. bought a road bike that’s fast!
    4a. I went on a 2.5 hour ride yesterday with devin
    4b. I fell off twice.
    5. that’s SO cool that marisa marchetto commented on your last entry!
    6. I’m hungry and lunch isn’t for another hour
    7. I’m not nearly as good at this.


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