An exchange

LISA and ERIK are in her parents’ kitchen, shelling PEAS.

LISA: We need to go to Trader Joe’s.
ERIK: Okay. Let’s go soon.
LISA: First we need to make a shopping list.
LISA: A Chopin Liszt.
LISA: Do you know why we make a Chopin Liszt?
LISA: So you won’t have to go Bach to the store later.
LISA: So you will have a good Handel on things.
ERIK: Oh no.
LISA: So you will remember to look for the things that are Haydn on the shelves, and you won’t have to Telemann to go get them for you.
LISA: I was trying to think of something for Mahler, but I decided that was a stretch.
ERIK: Well, don’t Strauss too much about it.

This is why we had to marry each other, because who else would put up with this?

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