Running and favorite things

I just went running for the first time in months. I was out for forty minutes, not sure how much of that was running and how much walking. My legs were very tired. I’m a heavy girl and my legs are no stronger than anyone else’s. But I felt like I could feel their support today, the muscles working and the joints and bones remembering their alignment after these four months of yoga. When I used to run I would just feel weak and exhausted, but today, at least, I could focus through my tiredness. That felt good. And it felt good to know that I did it. Other than that, running didn’t feel good in any sense of the word!

My left leg trembled uncontrollably while I was taking off my shoes.

Favorite things this week:
-decluttering my bookshelf –> earning more than thirty book credits (and more to come!)
Dr Bronner’s Peppermint soap (just don’t read the label!)
Rich Capparela‘s afternoon show on KUSC
How I Write: The Secret Lives of Authors
Red Corner Asia‘s crab pad thai (of course, this probably makes it onto this list fifty weeks out of the year!)
Horton Barker singing “Amazing Grace”, from the 1930s. Barker was blind and learned this tune from a neighbor. I loved this so much I taught myself to sing it, and sang it in the car today both to and from work.

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