Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh, I am so HAPPY to be alive!!! I almost fell down half a flight of stairs this morning. I caught my shoe in my pant leg and lost my balance halfway down the stairs from the yoga studio to the street. I could feel my center disappearing, and in a flash I saw myself landing in a painful heap on the concrete below. Two Asian guys waiting for the bus saw me trip and their faces were as horrified as my own, their arms outstretched in the act of running to my aid, when I miraculously landed four steps down, on my feet, perfectly balanced. Maybe it was the yoga I’d just done, but I also think it was just luck and God! I should have thanked the guys but I couldn’t think that fast. I just gave them a huge oh-my-god sort of smile/look, and walked off hugging my yoga mat. As I walked, I thought of all the things I would have missed today if I’d fallen: lunch with Margaret, a peaceful and joyous day, and not least, the partner yoga workshop with Erik tonight. It’s amazing how much more marvelous my day now appears. I’m alive! I’m intact! I’m so thankful!!

Here’s to equally happy Valentine blessings for you all!
[the image for this year’s Valentine has unaccountably vanished, but here’s the link to the page]

And… um… we just broke our bed. NO, not *doing* anything! In a fit of joyful energy I leaped on it, and then Erik copied me, and I think it was just too much for the 8-year-old futon frame. The bed sagged and collapsed, and when we peeked under we found the metal had well and truly severed itself. So. Sofa bed for us, I guess, until we get a new bed. !!!

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